Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Jamie turns 2 months old!

Happy Tuesday!

Even if I was on training which started last night at 11pm until 4am this morning, I got up at 8am to cook spaghetti for breakfast because it's Jamie's 2nd month :) And of course, it's Jeremy's ultimate favorite food so I had to cook early.

Here's Jamie looking pretty in her summer dress. I'm sure all the mothers would agree that their kids are the prettiest and handsomest in the whole wide world :)

Jamie love sleepy

I'm going to be very busy with work in the days to come as we are going to go live for a new account by Thursday. Hopefully things will turn out fine and I'm going to devote time in studying the training manual. I'm going to visit everyone again as soon as I get free time.

Thanks so much for dropping by and I hope you enjoy the rest of the day!

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