Friday, December 1, 2017

Jeremy's Birthday

My eldest child, Jeremy, will be celebrating his 11th birthday on December 20 and he already has plans for the day. It will just be a simple celebration with kids in the neighborhood. Maybe other family members will join, too depending on their schedule.

Like last year, we'll have his favorite spaghetti, fried chicken, cake, and ice cream. These are common staples in every Filipino get together. For his gift, he is just requesting a branded basketball so that it is more durable than the cheaper ones.

I don't remember if I have ever mentioned this in the past entries but we just have a simple family. We don't have a lot so I teach my kids to appreciate every gift they are given regardless of the price. He has been wishing for a new bike but I told him it can wait until summer when we have finished paying off important expenses first. I am happy that he understands and is thankful for what we can give him. 😇

Happy weekend and good night! 💗

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