Thursday, October 28, 2010

Merry Christmas!

58 days to go til Christmas!

It's getting cold in the early morning and the nights are longer. I can smell Christmas in the air. Even our neighbor has started playing Christmas songs. Most probably we'll put up our Christmas tree after All Saint's Day. I thought we would be spending Christmas in our very own home but sad to say, our loan papers have not been finalized yet and it could take 2 to 3 months before the funds are released. Thus, we can't transfer yet. Sigh. Oh well, we didn't have enough money anyways to cover for some construction and finishing that needs to be done so maybe it's a blessing in disguise? WTG for positive thinking LOL!

I haven't done any Christmas shopping as I don't have money yet so for now, I have to make a list and think of gifts to give. Those that are affordable and at the same time useful to the recipient. After all, it's the though that counts, right? :)

I just love Christmas. It is Jesus's birthday and December is also the birth month of Jeremy and hubby. Lots of reason to celebrate :) We'll have a simple celebration just like the past years as it has been our little way of thanking Jesus for all the blessings that He continually showers upon us. Thank You and we love You!

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