Friday, September 11, 2009

Mommy Moments: Hats Day

mommy moments

This week's theme is Hats Day!

I had to look for pics because it's only now I realized I don't take much pictures of my kids wearing hats. Maybe because my son takes it off as soon as he sees me about to take a pic of him LOL!

The picture below is one rare moment where my brother took a pic of Jeremy wearing his cap but then my son opted to wear the cap this way LOL! I don't even know where he saw this and imitated it hehehe!

kuya Pinch

This next one was taken when he was only 1yr. old and he was crying because I made him wear this Santa hat LOL! Well, I took it off right away after snapping a pic of him.


Lastly, this is my daugther, Jamie, during her baptism. Doesn't she look like a baby chef? :)

baby chef

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chubskulit said...

Awwww, she's so adorable on the last pic!

My Let's Wear our Hats entry..

Cecile said...

she is so cute with her hat on!

Beth said...

oo nga, parang baby chef! :)

My kids doesn't like wearing hats/caps e. They have bonnets, caps, sunvisors, etc pero ayaw nila e. Buti un son mo, ayaw lang pa-picture pero gusto pa din magsuot! :)

Happy weekend, Rona!

nuts said...

i can't help but smile in first photo...mwaaahh. co cute!

Lynn said...

Lol at the baby chef. But she's really cute!

Here's my Mommy Moments for the week. Happy weekend!

onlinemommy said...

hahahaha... hindi kya ke Robin Padilla ung ganung istilo ng pag susumbrero mommy ? Nonetheless he is still cute :) just like your little princess ;)

mine is here

Mom of Four said...

A baby chef? she looks a lot prettier than a chef. Well, your kids are like 3 of mine, they don't like hats, only 1 does. Your kids are adorable. Have a great weekend.

Chris said...

happy mommy moments!

its quite hard to make toddlers wear hats and accessories.. kaya if they wear it, i snap agad! :D

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