Friday, August 14, 2009

Busy busy

Hello! I'm back! I have been so busy these past weeks that I realized I didn't have an entry for August yet, and it's been two weeks since I last joined Mommy Moments. I have new responsibilites and tasks at work so I am concentrating on those and I am just too excited to learn new things :)

I also don't get a chance to play Pet Society and Farm Town as much as I did before because when I get off from work, I sleep right away and wake up three hours later to eat. This boils down to time management again and I hope I get adjusted to my new work schedule very soon. If there's one thing I really, really like about it is I get weekends off again! Weee! It has been years since this last happened so definitely I'm loving it :) I'd get to go out with my family again during weekends and just bond with the kids. They are growing up so fast!

Jamie is now 5mos. old and she loves to play with her feet. She babbles a lot and can even say mamamama :)I know she's not calling me yet but I just love it when I hear her say it. She smiles a lot too and is not difficult to take care of unless she's hungry LOL!

Jeremy is definitely a big boy and he has gained weight because he's eating rice again unlike before when he used to favor spaghetti all the time. I guess it was really just a phase after all. But of course, spaghetti is still his all-time favorite. And he says "wow" when he sees Jollibee, whether the store or the mascot LOL!

Anyway, that's what I have been up to for the last few weeks. I hope everyone is having a great time too! We're almost in mid-August and September is next! Just a few months to go and it's Christmas once again :) Time does fly fast when you're having fun.

Happy weekend!

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OHMYGUMS said...

sounds like a very busy week...first things first of course...Welcome back sis!

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