Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Work and Facebook

Good day everyone! I am extremely busy so I haven't been able to update my blog nor visit others's. There's a big change in my schedule and I now work 15 hours a day. Well, yes I just work from home but I have to do some serious time management because I also have to take care of the kids. And yes, still no babysitter for over a month now. Sigh.

Of course, more work hours mean a bigger salary so no complains there. Whatever time I have left, I squeeze in some household chores, bond with the kids and hubby and if I'm lucky, I get to sleep in too :) This opportunity doesn't come everyday so I say bring it on! LOL!

By the way, have you played Pet Society in Facebook? It's my latest addiction along with Farm Town. I just started playing a few weeks ago and I'm on my way up! I managed to get more friends so that my pet, Maddie, can visit more pet friends and that means more coins and that means more money to buy furniture, clothes, etc. Ha! If only that were real :D I rarely update my friendster account because I spend more time in Facebook and from there I get to chat with friends and play lots of games. It keeps me sane :)

With everything that's been going on, I still try to create balance with my work and family. I'm grateful that even if we don't have a helper, my family has stepped up to help me :) Thank you!

Catch you all soon for more!



Abi said...

huhu i miss working from home. send me more banana plants for my farm hihi

Brittany Tucker said...

Yeah, trying to balance work and family life while working from home can be a wee bit difficult.

Amor said...

huwaaat? you're working 15 hours a day? Wala ka pa rin palang baby sitter. What's your work at home sis Rona?

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